Integrity v500 system

Clinics around the world report the practical benefits of the Integrity™ V500 System for auditory evoked potentials (AEP) and otoacoustic emissions (OAE) measurements. The unique advantages of the Integrity V500 System have made it the #1 Awake ABR system for clinics specializing in pediatric audiology, while providing equally valuable benefits for clinics serving general and special needs adults, as well as the geriatric population.

Integrity™ combines new signal processing technologies, improved amplifier design and wireless capabilities to produce clear recordings with or without sedation. With this innovative technology, Integrity™ minimizes patient risk, expedites the early detection of hearing loss, significantly reduces loss to follow-up issues for newborn hearing screening programs, and demonstrates reliable performance in less-than-ideal clinical environments.

  • Key benefits
  • Performance
    • Reasons for Choosing Vivosonic over other Diagnostic devices at the market now (2014)

      1. The amount of scrubbing required on patients skin for measuring EEG is significantly less because of the following reasons
      1.1. The EEG recording is completely isolated from the mains supply via wireless bluetooth connectivity to the PC. Hence no line noise(50Hz) from mains power supply interfering the EEG signal.
      1.2. The amplifier of the electrodes are closest to the electrodes. Hence any electromagnetic interference affecting the amplified eeg signals is significantly lesser.
      Hence with higher impedance the measurements can be still done.

      2. Patented algorithm to filter out Auditory Evoked Potentials(AEP) from the EEG,EKG noise.
      So no myogenic rejection level set to measure AEP. As no epcohs or sweeps are rejected the measurement is quicker.

      3. With wireless bluetooth connectivity the patient has more comfort and mobility. As there are no wires between the PC and the patient, it is convenient both for Audiologist and the patient to have comfortable measurement.

      4. Ready to use, out of the box system. Everything is preinstalled on the give PC.

      5. Sedation is not required. Hence awake kids can be tested.

      6. Broadband chirp stimulus in included.

      7. Tests can be done in Operating Room(OR) and NICU.

      Overall it is a patient friendly device to make reliable and quicker AEP measurement.

  • Clinical evidence from independent research studies and leading experts in the field of audiology demonstrate the practical advantages of the Integrity™ V500 System over conventional AEP equipment that lack the same advanced technologies.