Sentiero desktop

Middle ear testing is used to determine the overall health and function of the middle ear. These tests are essential in identifying perforations of the eardrum, abnormal pressure in the middle ear space, wax blockage in the ear canal, and possible conductive hearing loss. In addition to middle ear testing, you can select - module per module - the additional add ons you need! What about a combination of Audiometry and Tympanometry? What about children's audiometry combined? Do not think only of potential CPT codes which are easily matched by Sentiero Desktop, think about the advantages combined in your clinic and workflow!

Speech and language acquisition delay is one of the most common neuro-development difficulties in early childhood. Early detection of hearing disorders is crucial for an early treatment. Contrary to NHS, preschool hearing screening tests should provide more frequency-specific and quantitative information on hearing loss.

  • Product benefits
  • Compact & portable
    Dimensions: 150 x 210 x 45 mm , battery powered
    Easy to use
    touch screen, menu guided, battery or mains drive. Battery operation lasts for more than one full working day.
    configurable test battery: PTA, MAGIC, SPEECH, TEOAE, DPOAE, Tympanometry, Ipsilateral Reflex, Contralateral Reflex
    Easy interpretation and use
    Automated Tymp at 226Hz and options: 678 Hz, 800 Hz and 1000 Hz
    Reflex with tone (ipsi/contra: 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz) or wide band.
    Quality parameters
    indicating statistical significance automatically
    Detailed test results & test history
    up to 1000 tests stored
    Data and Patient management Software
    MIRA (PC-based)
    Easy Interface
    USB port for data communication, Label printer, wireless modem connection to centralized database pathTrack
    Automated detection of accessories
    correct protocol and calibration used for each test
    CPT Codes matching:
    92588, 92587 and 92558 (TEOAE, DPOAE)
    92550, 92567, 92568, 92570 (Tympanometry and Reflex)
    92551, 92552, 92555, 92582, 92853 Pure tone and Speech audiometry, Play Audiometry