Sentiero advanced

For the first time a hand held, portable lightweighted device combines Tone & speech audiometry, TEOAE, DPOAE & ABR and ASSR. The emphasis is on test flexibility, ease of use, reliable diagnostics and minimum test time. The new diagnostic ABR and ASSR, is typically used for NHS conformational diagnostics, neurological diagnostics and objective threshold assessment.

Compact & portable : handheld, battery powered
Easy to use : touch screen, menu guided
Flexibility : configurable test battery: PTA, MAGIC, SPEECH, TEOAE, DPOAE, ABR and ASSR
Easy interpretation : re-editable peak markers on device and PC
Quality parameters : indicating statistical significance (traffic-light)
Detailed test results & test history : up to 1000 tests stored
Data and Patient management Software : MIRA (PC-based)
Easy Interface : USB port for data communication
Automated detection of accessories : correct protocol and calibration used for each test

  • Product benefits
  • Features
  • Tests
  • Technical data
  • PC Software
  • Products benfits

    One channel Click / chirp / narrowband ABR
    • User selectable stimulus type and level from 5 to 90 dB HL
    • Superior performance due to weighted averaging algorithm for different environmental settings
    • Robust operation mode, automated digital filter 50/60 Hz
    Easy navigation, menu guided
    • Design individual protocols for up to 5 presets
    • Online help in different languages
    Flexible display and analysis options
    • Up to 5 stimulus levels / waveforms per test sequence
    • Automated storage of test results - different transducers and stimuli settings for same patient available
    • Select Jewetts and analyze latencies in comparison to normative data for your selected age group
    Programmable timing
    • Configurable stimulus rate and response window
    • Extremely fast testing with up to 90 Hz stimulus rate
    Straightforward waveform analysis
    • Peak markers are easy to place and read via touch screen interface
    • Peak markers are re-editable, stored with test, printed, transferred to PC
    • Additional analysis option after data transfer from instrument to PC software MIRA
    Customized reporting
    • USB connection to PC software MIRA allows customized reporting
  • General Features

    • Handheld, touch-screen, battery operated
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple language support
    • Multiple test methods
    • Configurable preset and sort criteria
    • Database for at least 1000 tests
    • Data transfer to PC via USB or wireless
    • Printing via PC
    • Light weight and small dimensions
  • Psycho-acoustical tests

    • Multiple-Choice Auditory Graphical Interactive Check (MAGIC)
    • Especially designed for children from three years on
    • Pure-Tone Audiometer (EN60645-1 Class 4) Frequency range: 250 Hz to 8 kHz
    • Stimulus level from -10 to 70 dB HL in 5 dB steps
    • Standard headphone, ear-phone
    • Speech and Speech-In-Noise Test (optional)
    • AEP/ABR

    Physiological test methods

    • Hearing threshold estimation (cochlear) from -10 to 50 dB HL using extrapolated DPOAE I/O-functions (patented)
    • Optimized stimulus paradigm and statistical evaluation
    • Stimulus level from 0 to 70 dB HL, 1 kHz to 8 kHz
    • DPOAE Quick Test for a fast overview of outer hair cell integrity
  • ABR Technical data

    • Stimuli: Click, chirp, narrowband chirp
    • Polarity: Condensation, Rarefaction, alternating
    • Level: 5 dBHL to 90 dBHL in 5 dB steps
    • Stimulus rate: 10Hz to 90Hz, optional jitter
    • Recording window: 0 to 30ms
    • Recording bandwidth: 80Hz to 2kHz
    • Sampling rate: 16kHz, 16 bit
    • CMRR: >90dB @ 50Hz


    • Digital 50Hz, 60Hz and adaptive comb filter
    • Impedance monitoring during test
    • Weighted averaging
    • Automated significance indication
    • Automated proceed to next level
  • MIRA PC Software

    • Import´s patient´s data, test results and export´s patient´s data and settings to the instrument via USB
    • Multiple reporting options and printouts
    • User management, including password protection
    • Patient management, search functions
    • Instrument configuration
    • Instrument firmware update
    • View, compare, comment, print test results
    • Export test data to various formats
    • Archive and backup data