Recent epidemiological studies show a significant increase of hearing impairment in children. Depending upon the applied criteria the 'refer' rate varies but it shows to be significantly higher than the 'refer' rate in newborn hearing screening (NHS) programmes.


Speech and language acquisition delay is one of the most common neuro-development difficulties in early childhood. Early detection of hearing disorders is crucial for an early treatment. Contrary to NHS, preschool hearing screening tests should provide more frequency-specific and quantitative information on hearing loss.

  • Product benefits
  • Products benfits

    Sentiero – a portable, handheld device offering physiological tests based upon OAE and psycho-acoustical tests such as MAGIC and speech audiometry.

    Sentiero – fast and reliable methods for assessing hearing loss based upon audiometric tests and extrapolated DPOAE I/O-functions.

    Sentiero – the child directly interacts with the audiometer. The MAGIC test is suited for pre-schoolers and young children from three years on. By using appropriate animal images as visual amplifiers the child’s attentiveness is significantly enhanced. The child remains focused on the test by means of direct playful interaction which minimizes the risk of misinterpretation.

    Sentiero – the child enjoys MAGIC. Different animal symbols on the display represent different stimulus frequencies. First the child selects an animal symbol on the screen which will trigger an acoustic stimulus. If the child is able to hear the sound it will touch the smiling animal symbol on the screen.