The goal of screening for hearing loss in pre-schoolers (age 3 to 5) is to identify children who suffer possible hearing loss that may affect communication, development, health or future school performance (source:

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  • Recent epidemiological studies confirm a significant increase of hearing impairment in school-age children. Late identification may compound problems in communication, language acquisition and affect other areas of development. Contrary to newborn hearing screening, preschool hearing screening tests should provide more frequency-specific and quantitative information on the hearing los.

  • MAGIC (Multiple-Choice Auditory Graphical Interactive Check) is a reliable audiometric test especially designed for younger children.

    Pure Tone Audiometry is still the gold standard method for assessing hearing loss. In Senti, it is available as IEC 60645-1 Class 4 audiometer.

    Speech recognition in noise is one key skill in preschool and school. Therefore, Senti features a simple, game-style speech test which is as easy to operate as MAGIC.

  • Senti – the child enjoys MAGIC. The child playfully operates while Senti collects the audiogram. Different animal symbols on the touch-screen represent different stimulus frequencies. First the child selects an animal symbol on the screen which will trigger an acoustic stimulus. If the child is able to hear the sound it will touch the smiling animal symbol on the screen.

    Senti – a portable, handheld screening audio-meter including speech audiometry (optional) and an interactive, psycho-acoustical audiometric test (MAGIC) for preschoolers and school children.

    Senti – creates a fast and reliable audiogram for all children from three years on. The child’s attentiveness is significantly enhanced by using appropriate animal images as visual amplifiers thus boosting the child’s collaboration during the entire testing period.

    Senti – short test time.

    After the last animal symbol has been selected, Senti immediately determines the thresholds and generates the audiogram. Test time per ear on average is less than two minutes.

    Senti – the child directly interacts with the audio-meter. After a short introduction phase the child is conducting the test itself, being surveyed by the tester. By following the menu on the graphical interface the child’s attentiveness is enhanced.

  • Features

    • Psycho-acoustical test based upon a Multiple-Choice
    • Auditory Graphical Interactive Check (MAGIC)
    • Interactive operated Screening Audiometer - Especially designed for children from three years on
    • Pure-Tone Audiometer – EN60645-1 Class 4
    • Handheld, touch-screen, battery operated
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple test methods
    • Multiple language support
    • Frequency range: 250 Hz to 8 kHz
    • Stimulus level from: -10 – 70 dB HL in 5 dB steps
    • Standard head-/ear-phone
    • Speech Test (optional)
    • Configurable preset and sort criteria
    • Database for at least 1000 tests
    • Data transfer to PC via USB or wireless
    • Printing via PC
    • Light weight and small dimensions

    Senti – scientifically approved.

    Recent studies (conducted among children aged 3 - 15) do confirm a close relationship between the behavioral pure-tone threshold (clinical audiometer) and the threshold obtained by Senti (MAGIC).