The VSR™ SPORT was designed specifically for the athletic market to support the assessment of balance in a successful concussion management program. It incorporates the same NASA-based science as in the company's high-end systems, which are used by more than 90% of the nation's top hospitals.

The VSR SPORT utilizes an 18" x 30" force plate and provides a suite of protocols to accurately and objectively assess and train an athlete's functional balance control. The training protocols are a great benefit to facilitate observed deficits or impairments for improvement.

  • Stability
  • Protocols
  • The Stability Evaluation Test (SET) assesses functional balance control based on the patient's postural sway velocity during six testing conditions over a period of 2-5 minutes. Results are presented in graphical form, with COG traces shown for each condition tested, and a composite score that quantifies the COG sway or postural stability in a weighted average of all six conditions. The SET is based on the more challenging positions of the BESS protocol, please see below. The results are presented in graphical form, for clinicians to use to compare results to baseline.

    Firm Conditions Foam conditions
    1. Double leg stance 4. Double leg stance
    2. Single leg stance 5. Single leg stance
    3. Tandem stance 6. Tandem stance

    The VSR SPORT is ideal for use in a concussion management program.

  • Protocols

    • Stability Evaluation Test (SET)
    • Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance (mCTSIB)
    • Limits of Stability (LOS)
    • Rhythmic Weight Shift (RWS)
    • Weight Bearing Squat (WBS)
    • Unilateral Stance
    • Sequence Training
    • Weight Bearing Training
    • Custom Training