SunFish™ Temp Probe Covers

The first temp probe cover that fits preemies and full-term newborns – the 2-in-1 SunFish Cover.

  • Features
  • Cost-Effective
  • No more cutting temp probe covers. One cover fits full-term newborns and preemies, due to a simple, perforated tear. Sunfish offers an innovative, patent pending design that:

    • Fits full-term babies right out of the box or adapts to preemies with a simple tear
    • Stops temp probes from slipping, by holding the wire firmly in place through an optional locking feature
    • Helps keep temperature readings accurate and uninterrupted, so false readings and false alarms are minimized
    • Last for days, even when used to reposition the probe over and over again
    • Firmly, but gently adheres to babies due to a special, patent-pending multi-layer design that includes double-sided hydrogel – effective on even the most fragile young skin
  • SunFish – The Cost-Effective Temp Probe Cover that Offers Two Sizes in One

    The SunFish cover was specifically developed to provide NICUs with a single, cost-effective temp probe cover that will fit preemies and larger babies. No more stocking multiple cover sizes and no more gummed up scissors from cutting covers to fit. All you do is simply tear the full-size cover at the perforation and it’s ready for use on preemies.

    What’s more, the Sunfish optional locking feature stops probes from slipping out from under the temp probe cover. Our patent-pending, multi-layer design locks the temp probe in place by securely holding the wire, not just the tip of the probe. That means you greatly reduce false alarms and false readings, which can result in under- or overheating the baby.

    Apply and Lock in 4 Simple Steps with Optional Locking Feature

    1. Place probe on skin

    2. Remove blue tabs

    3. Place wire on top of Hydrogel

    4. Press SunFish tab to lock temp probe wire in place

    DEHP & BPA FREE. Not made with natural rubber latex.

SunFish™ Temp Probe CoversSunFish™ Temp Probe CoversSunFish™ Temp Probe CoversSunFish™ Temp Probe CoversSunFish™ Temp Probe CoversSunFish™ Temp Probe Covers