NeatNick® Heel Lancet

Looking for a less painful lancet that offers great blood flow and saves money?

Meet NeatNick Sweeping Action Heel Lancets.

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    • Faster blade speed means less pain for babies
    • Smooth firing – does not “jump”
    • Clean-edged incision closes up fast with just light pressure
    • Controlled depth comparable to other brands
    • Bright tropical colors make it easy to find
    • Preemie and Full-term sizes
    • Reduces Newborn screening reject rates and reduces hemolyzed samples (Independent studies, May 2009, on file.)
  • NeatNick’s automated sweeping blade achieves a controlled depth of incision that is significantly safer than what medical literature has designated as acceptable depths of puncture for preterm and term infants. (1-3) Its controlled depth level is comparable to other automated heel lancets,4 yet it is designed to minimize infant pain through a high-speed nick and greater precision.

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    2. Jain, et al. 1999. Ultrasound study of heel to calcaneum depth in neonates. Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed. May, 80(3):F243-5.
    3. Reiner, et al. 1990. Optimal sites and depths for skin puncture of infants and children as assessed from anatomical measurements. Clin Chem. Mar, 36(3):547-9.
    4. Data on file.
  • NeatNick — Less Painful; Fast Heel Lancet

    NeatNick’s faster blade speed produces a virtually instantaneous incision meaning less pain for the baby. The high-precision surgical blade produces an accurate, clean-edged incision through the capillary bed, at a depth level comparable to other sweeping lancets. With NeatNick, you’re certain of rapid, ample blood draws, without excessive, painful squeezing. You get better results in less time and with less pain. All at a remarkably sensible price.

  • What people are saying about NeatNick:

    • "Really liked the curve fit…did not feel need to press to prevent “jump.” Loved it!"
    • "Baby did not wake up – plenty of blood for lab."
    • "Clean cut – no flap."
    • "Our PKU recollection rate dropped significantly."
    • "Less hemolysis – better samples for lab."

    DEHP & BPA FREE.  Not made with natural rubber latex.

NeatNick® Heel LancetNeatNick® Heel Lancet