Balance Master®

The Balance Master® utilizes a fixed 18" x 60" force plate to measure the vertical forces exerted through the patient's feet to measure center of gravity position and postural control. The long force plate allows for enhanced assessment and training capabilities.

The Balance Master® system is ideal for use in the rehabilitation balance program model.

  • Protocols
    • Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance (mCTSIB)
    • Limits of Stability (LOS)
    • Rhythmic Weight Shift (RWS)
    • Weight Bearing Squat (WBS)
    • Unilateral Stance (US)
    • Sit-To-Stand (STS)
    • Walk Across (WA)
    • Tandem Walk (TW)
    • Step/Quick Turn (SQT)
    • Step Up/Over (SUO)
    • Forward Lunge (FL)