Audx Pro

The AuDX system is utilized by leading hospital newborn hearing screening programs worldwide.

Portable DPOAE and/or TEOAE testing for all ages featuring a large color display & user friendly software

Ideal for use in UNHS programs, primary care physician's offices and schools

  • Functionality
  • Standard
  • Options
  • AuDX PRO features

    • Large color display - enhanced operation and data viewing.
    • Easy to navigate between OAE type and protocols.
    • Easy to clean ear probe.
    • Fast, accurate results - as fast as 10 seconds per ear.
    • Adult Screening Protocol* - avoids over-referral issues associated with pediatric protocols.
    • Objective test - no patient response needed.
    • Pass/Refer result provided.
    • Label printer - results documented in seconds.
    • Operates on rechargeable lithium battery or AC Power - no downtime during recharge.
    • 24/7 Technical Support.
  • Standard AuDX Pro system includes

    • 50 test memory
    • DPOAE or TEOAE screening protocols
  • Options include

    • Label printer
    • 2nd OAE modality
    • 3 additional DP protocols, including "adult protocol"
    • Protocol setup software - allows creation and download of user defined protocols into AuDX Pro (requires PC)
    • Large carry case (holds printer & AuDX Pro)